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  • Powerpoint to XPS Converter  101)   Powerpoint to XPS Converter 4.0
    Powerpoint to XPS Converter does convert Powerpoint to XPS, Powerpoint to XPS, Word to TIFF, Word to JPG, Word to JPEG, DOC to TIFF, DOC to JPG, DOC to JPEG, PDF to TIFF, PDF to JPG, PDF to JPEG, DWG to TIFF,DWG to JPG,DWG to JPEG,Word to PDF

  • OLAP Reporting Tool for Excel  102)   OLAP Reporting Tool for Excel 3
    Data for business intelligence (BI) is of little use until it is converted into the information that decision makers need. OLAP Reporting Tool extends the built-in OLAP features in Excel to make them easier work with, especially for workgroups.

  • PDF Master Office Edition  103)   PDF Master Office Edition 3.0
    PDF Master Office Edition wird auf einem Netzwerk-Server installiert und ermöglicht die serverseitige Konvertierung von Dokumenten, für die entsprechende Anfragen von den Netzwerk-Computern an den Server gesandt werden, in das PDF-Format.

  • OfficeCapture  104)   OfficeCapture 2.0.0
    Enhance E-mail and Graphical features of MS Word. Convert MSWord DOC to JPG/GIF/BMP images and e-mail them (or save as files). For multipage DOCs generate HTML album to view created images in the Internet browser. Virus-free messages guaranteed.

  • MPMileage  105)   MPMileage 2.1
    Batch calculate distances, travel times, and/or costs for point-to-point routes listed in a database (Access, Excel, or ODBC). Uses MapPoint for point locations and route calculations. Supports all of MapPoint's route options.

  • pptXTREME Import Export for PowerPoint  106)   pptXTREME Import Export for PowerPoint 1.6
    Change how PowerPoint works with images forever! You'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Never revert to My Documents again. Set the background to a picture with 1 click! And much more. Visit our website to see all the features.

  • Merge Cells Wizard  107)   Merge Cells Wizard 1.35
    With Merge Cells Wizard you can merge data from several Microsoft Excel cells into one cell using any separator you like (e.g. line break). The add-in preserves all data if the selection contains multiple data values. For Excel 2003, 2002 (XP), 2000.

  • Word Perfect  108)   Word Perfect 14
    WordPerfect Office X4 Standard Edition is the essential office suite for home and business users to create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and manage e-mail. Open, edit and save Microsoft Office documents.

  • VeryPDF Form Filler  109)   VeryPDF Form Filler 3.1
    PDF Form Filler - Fill PDF Forms, Save PDF Forms, PDF Form Filling, Edit PDF Forms, Fill PDF forms with PDF Form Filler. VeryPDF PDF Form Filler allows you to fill interactive PDF forms without the need for Adobe Acrobat, free download.

  • Able2Extract  110)   Able2Extract 7.00
    Able2Extract (A2E) enables users to view and convert data from Adobe PDF, HTML, and Text formats into formatted Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, Publisher files, PowerPoint presentations, AutoCad files, HTML, and Text documents.

  • DiskInternals Word Recovery  111)   DiskInternals Word Recovery 1.8
    Search, preview and recover deleted Microsoft Word documents. DiskInternals Word Recovery offers the best of data recovery, offering unprecedented efficiency dealing specifically with Microsoft Word documents

  • XLReportGen  112)   XLReportGen 3.0.0
    XLReportGen is a report generator for Microsoft Excel that outputs reports in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel and write SQL statements, you can use XLReportGen to create all kinds of reports as you need.

  • 4Sales CRM  114)   4Sales CRM 2.8
    4Sales CRM is the affordable, team-based customer management solution that will help you gain control of your customer relationships, and boost overall revenue by delivering a complete business solution with sales automation.

  • PDFcamp Pro(pdf writer)  115)   PDFcamp Pro(pdf writer) 2.30
    pdfcamp(pdf writer) and pdfcamp(pdf writer) Pro are easy to use tools for creating PDF files from Windows applications, they can create PDF file from any printable application, PDFcamp Printer is not need Adobe Acrobat application.

  • Deduper  116)   Deduper 1.5.1
    Topalt Deduper is simple and easy to use tool for removing duplicated items in Microsoft Outlook. It can detect and remove (delete or move to another folder) duplicated appointments, contacts, e-mails, journals, notes and tasks.

  • Calendar Browser for Outlook  117)   Calendar Browser for Outlook 5.0
    Adds lots of features to any Outlook Calendar. Book resources and supplies. Multiple calendars can be shown. Add booking of services (coffe, notepads etc) to the booking. No client installation, simply place the files on a server. Statistics tool.

  • DealOngo Pro  118)   DealOngo Pro 1.0.142
    DealOngo is tailor-made for small companies and sole traders taking orders on the go. DealOngo handheld tool handles all stages of order processing, sales tracking, goods delivery and stock control processes for busy professionals.

  • VIDEOREG  119)   VIDEOREG 3.0
    This product allows saving images from webcam or other video capture device starting on motion detection or constantly with given time interval (ranging from 1 to 30 seconds).

  • Connect Form Pilot  120)   Connect Form Pilot 2.21
    Creating forms and editing existing ones for filling them out by your clients, customers, and partner

  • PamFax for Skype  121)   PamFax for Skype 3.4
    Looking for a simple and inexpensive solution to send and receive faxes? User friendly wizard makes sending a fax a breeze via easy to use free fax software, easy payment. No monthly cost: only pay the pages you fax.

  • Desktop Publisher Pro  122)   Desktop Publisher Pro 2.2.8
    This is a high quality, low cost, full featured Desktop Publisher Pro tool for the professional and novice alike

  • vCard ImportExport for Outlook  123)   vCard ImportExport for Outlook 2.0.7
    Use vCard ImportExport to import multiple vCard files (.vcf) to Outlook contacts, or export multiple Outlook contacts to vCard files at once. Split, combine vCard files even without Outlook installed.

  • OutShare for Outlook  124)   OutShare for Outlook 1.0.3704
    Share and synchronize Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders (calendar, contacts, journal, mail, tasks and notes) without a server. Access your Outlook data without Outlook via web browser and share your Outlook data with users without Microsoft Outlook.

  • iDocument  125)   iDocument 1.5.0
    IcyBlaze iDocument is the latest created smart Mac PDF manager, Mac document manage. It supports manage Pdf, eBooks and other documents with super cutting edge user experience design, just like 'iPhoto' for pictures, 'iTunes' for video and movie.

  • Indentsoft Label Maker Plus  126)   Indentsoft Label Maker Plus 2.1
    Indentsoft Label Maker Plus is a professional quality business printing software. It helps you design and print address labels, letterheads, flyers, postcards, envelopes etc. from many supplied templates using graphics, shapes and color blends.

  • 3D Graph Generator  127)   3D Graph Generator 2.3.0
    Fly-through 3D graph software for exciting presentations, marketing, sales, analysis and fun!

  • ResumeGrabber Standard  128)   ResumeGrabber Standard 2010
    ResumeGrabber Suite is a powerful resume data entry software. It extracts details such as candidate name, postal address, email, phone number, etc from the resume and creates a new record in your database.

  • Simple Barcode Filer  129)   Simple Barcode Filer 4.5
    This program simplifies document filing by the use of barcodes. The bar code is read and the document named the bar code contents, making it is ideal for accounting records or any other document that can be found by a number.

  • Advanced Consolidation Manager  131)   Advanced Consolidation Manager 1.1.0
    Add-on for advanced table merging and data consolidating in MS Excel 2000-2007. Advanced Consolidation Manager will allow you to process any number of files per one program run as well as to combine data from different files in one.

  • DOC to XPS Converter  132)   DOC to XPS Converter 4.0
    DOC to XPS Converter does convert DOC to XPS, Word to XPS, Word to TIFF, Word to JPG, Word to JPEG, DOC to TIFF, DOC to JPG, DOC to JPEG, PDF to TIFF, PDF to JPG, PDF to JPEG, DWG to TIFF,DWG to JPG,DWG to JPEG,DXF to TIFF,DXF to JPEG, Word to PDF

  • Perfect PDF 5 Premium  133)   Perfect PDF 5 Premium 5.0
    Perfect PDF 5 Premium für alle Aufgaben rund um das Dateiformat PDF: Erstellen von PDF-Dateien, die Eigenschaften ändern, den Inhalt bearbeiten, das Dokument kommentieren, gestalten, schützen und digital signieren, Formulare anlegen und ausfüllen

  • VeryPDF Doc to PDF Converter  134)   VeryPDF Doc to PDF Converter 2.30
    VeryPDF Doc to PDF Converter is an easy to use PDF tool for creating PDF files from Windows applications,VeryPDF Doc to PDF Converter can create PDF file from any printable application,VeryPDF Doc to PDF Converter is not need Acrobat product.

  • DVDShow For PowerPoint  135)   DVDShow For PowerPoint 1.5 b125
    DVDShow enables you to convert your PowerPoint presentations to MPEG movie, or burn to DVD/MiniDVD disc for permanent data backup or sent to others as gifts.

  • PDF 2 Text Converter  136)   PDF 2 Text Converter 1.0
    'PDF 2 Text Converter' is a tool that Generate a text files from Pdf format Of multiple files without use of Adobe Acrobat Reader or Writer.

  • Batch Replacer for MS Excel  137)   Batch Replacer for MS Excel 1.4
    This utility allows to make a multi replacement operation in MS Excel files. Strings for search and replace must be specified in Excel document.

  • Tipard PDF ePub Converter  138)   Tipard PDF ePub Converter 3.3.16
    Tipard PDF ePub Converter can provide you with the best PDF to ePub converting experience. It will preserve the original texts, layout, images, hyperlinks and everything while converting PDF to ePub format.

  • ShareO  139)   ShareO 2.96
    Share/synchronize Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders (calendar, contacts, journal, mail, tasks and notes) without server. Create subscriptions for events, contacts lists. Share any custom forms of clients' data and mail folders. Create easy your CRM.

  • Voicent AutoReminder: appointment telephone reminder  140)   Voicent AutoReminder: appointment telephone reminder 6.0.4
    Easy to use automatic telephone notification software with confirmation and built in calendar. Ideal for time sensitive customer based organizations and professional offices. The reminder messages can be personalized with text to speech feature.

  • Mercury Document system  141)   Mercury Document system 1.9.1
    A personal document management (PDM) / personal knowledge management (PKM) application for Microsoft Windows. With an extremely simple layout, it helps you manage and securely store all of your electronic documents. And it is portable.

  • TimeCard for Outlook  142)   TimeCard for Outlook 4.1
    Plan and report your time in the Outlook Calendar. No extra app need. Complete time reporting for workgroups. Offline or Online. Report to MS Access or SQL database or via ASP. PDA integration. Powerful statistics tool. Also single user version.

  • SharePoint Wiki Redirect  143)   SharePoint Wiki Redirect
    SharePoint Wiki Redirect provides an easy way to manage different versions of wiki pages and control which version is displayed by default. Wiki Redirect gives you the ability to quickly toggle between latest and published version

  • Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional  144)   Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional
    Kingsoft Office 2010 is a complete office productivity suite which include Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets.Familiarity of layout & Functionality make sure that no need to re-learn and its small, fast and licensing software .

  • PowerPoint to Flash Converter  145)   PowerPoint to Flash Converter
    PowerPoint to Flash Converter converts Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Macromedia Flash files. It allows customizing the flash files.

  • Sync2 for Outlook  146)   Sync2 for Outlook 2.32
    Microsoft Outlook synchronization add-in. Sync Outlook between computers without a server, using shared folder on LAN, USB drive, FTP. Share Outlook Calendars with Google Calendar. Sync Google Contacts, Tasks with Outlook Contacts and Tasks.

  • Aiseesoft PDF to ePub Converter  147)   Aiseesoft PDF to ePub Converter 3.2.12
    Aiseesoft PDF to ePub Converter provides you with the powerful and professional functions to convert various PDF files to ePub format for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader, and other eBook Readers easily and quickly.

  • Parivartak  148)   Parivartak 3.6
    Parivartak is all new UNICODE CONVERTER & EDITOR FOR HINDI, MARATHI, NEPALI and Other DEVNAGRI SCRIPTS. It can easily convert Kruti Dev/Shusha font to Unicode and saves your precious time. It supports Kruti to Mangal (Arial Unicode MS) conversio

  • Able2Doc - PDF to Word Conversion  149)   Able2Doc - PDF to Word Conversion 6.00
    Able2Doc (A2D) enables users to view and convert data from PDF format into formatted Word documents that can then be edited. A2E converts graphics and preserves the PDF layout of text in Word documents.

  • CHM2Word  150)   CHM2Word 4.4
    Do you bother with your CHM file that can't print topics in CHM file with easy step like print a Microsoft Word Documents? Our CHM2Word is easy solution. Easy convert topics in CHM file to Microsoft Word Documents to print or edit with CHM2Word.

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